To speak of oranges is to identify oneself with a land of blue skies, a mild Mediterranean climate, and a special light that only a painter of Sorolla's quality was able to capture in his paintings, obviously we are talking about Valencia.


And it is from there, from where, according to the ancient chronicles, the first oranges brought by the Arabs from distant China grew, using their trees more as ornamentals than as fruit trees for habitual consumption.

As we delve further into the study of citrus we will see that one of the most prestigious populations in its cultivation is Carcaixent, not only a producer of this wonderful fruit but also with a large export industry that in the final years of the 19th century and until the mid-twentieth century, it was able to deliver its products to all of Europe.

In our garden, a small family farm for more than a century and a half, we continue to make our mandarins and oranges with the same love and enthusiasm that our ancestors devoted over the years to improving their quality.


Today the media and sales channels are constantly evolving and we have wanted to take advantage of its advantages so that our clients can be participants in being able to taste our fruits like ourselves when we pluck them while walking among the trees, we choose a piece and taste it in the middle of the field.

The development of communications allows us to be closer to our clients, every day fewer clients and more friends, who call us asking when we are going to have oranges, and to those who must be explained that it is not the time yet, that they need the cold winter so that they have their best color and flavor.

Also to tell them that the corresponding order will not arrive because it is raining and it could not be collected. Our products are not kept in cameras, nor are they taken ahead of time to later give them color, much less do they have anything to do with oranges imported from other continents that are often sold as Valencian oranges, what we serve them are high quality products. quality, selected and harvested hours before being sent to your homes, that is what distinguishes us and at the same time we are satisfied when we receive calls from you, our clients, to tell us that the oranges received are excellent, that they have nothing to do with those bought in the super or the neighborhood store.

We are happy to see that they are to your liking, that is our goal that encourages us to continue working for all of you.

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